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5 Day

Contact Your Community Challenge

(Attracting More People & More Profits)

Waiting List ... 2023, Monday - Friday

VIP 6:00 - 8:00 PM ; General Admission 7:00-8:00 PM

             Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’ll discuss during the challenge:

  • Day 1: Getting Clear on Who You Should Serve. The first day we will be clear on who we are the serve and why. I will discuss how you narrow your niche to effectively serve those who are in your community. Knowing who you are to serve and what will serve them is the real bottom line to your financial bottom line.

  • Day 2: Finding Who You Should Serve. You need more customers, but all customers aren’t equal. That’s why I will explain how to generate leads and avoid spending too much time on people who won’t buy. I break down the process of finding the best customers and ways to “duplicate” them.

  • Day 3: Creating Irresistible Offers to Increase Conversions. I’ll reveal components of an irresistible offer, which can transform a dull offer into one that drives consistent conversions and helps business owners become very attractive to those wanting what they provide.

  • Day 4: Providing Premium Value Offers. Serving your community is about providing them with transformational solutions. Also having an offer that some will grow into, and others want, which saves them time and money in the long term. This is a part of serving your community well.

  • Day 5: Retaining Your Community Long-Term. This session will focus on ways to consistently create offers throughout the year to ensure we have CPR (Consistent Predictable Revenue). CPR enables business owners to hire teams, buy more inventory at lower price points, invest in much-needed tools and resources, and pay themselves.


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