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Entrepreneurs of Faith Success Journey -Begin-

For those who will travel this journey with me, I start by congratulating you for not being satisfied with your staus quo, and now doing something about it. As you follow me on the ultimate business success journey, be assured that I have made trips like this before. There are lessions I have learned from my own mistakes and lessions learned from others. I have started serveral forms of businesses; sole-proprietor, Sub-Chapter S Corporation, and serveral Limited Liability Corporations (LLC's). So I know the process.

Now back to your ultimate business success journey. Remember, success really does leave clues. I define "ultimate success" in your your business as "knowing what you want to accomplish and actually accomplishing it." As you begin, focus on what it is that you really want and have passion for. Your passion and desires are yours and are for you, don’t be concerned with other people’s passions desires.

Begin your journey by focusing on yourself, answer the following questions. 1- Am I really passionate about this business I have or am starting? 2- If I could have or start any kind of business, what would that business be and do? 3- Having the business that is a fit for my passion(s), what is a clearly defined goal I have for my business over the next six months? (A SMART goal is Specific, Measureable, achievable, Relevant and Timely)

4- Do I believe I can achieve this goal and what evidence do I have that I believe? 5- Whose help will I need to achieve this goal? Add your comments and or questions as we go on this journey.

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